Thursday, 17 April 2014

Verti draining & top dressing

This week, we enlisted Fine Turf Services to verti drain our greens. We were very pleased as the contractor also managed to verti drain the majority of our tees too. 

Verti draining applies the principles of the trusted garden fork. It has solid tines mounted on arms that are able to penetrate many inches below the surface. The purpose of this operation is:

- To enable air & gas exchange in the soil
- To encourage root development
- To encourage surface water drainage
- To give relief from compaction caused by golfer foot traffic & machinery traffic

Some of you that played on Tuesday will have observed the operation.

We then followed the contractor and top dressed all the greens with sand. The main objectives of top dressing are:

- To restore greens' surface levels to improve playability, speed and trueness
- To incorporate sand (a free draining aggregate) into the soil profile to assist in thatch breakdown and to improve the drainage characteristics of the soil

Following top dressing, the sand is incorporated into the surface using our dragmat.

We understand that this operation is disruptive. However, it is carried out because it is an integral part of golf green maintenance and vital for the long term management of the greens.

Today, we were able to mow the greens for the first time since top dressing. They seem to be returning to where I'd like them to be. A couple of putts on the putting green gave me encouragement that playability will improve very quickly over the next week. 

Many thanks to the volunteers who assisted. You guys know who you are and, as always, the help was greatly appreciated.

Have a great Easter holiday and enjoy your golf!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Preparation for Captain's Drive-In

Wow! What a week we've had out on the course. The weather has been great the last 2-3 days, enabling greens' staff and volunteers the opportunity to prepare the course for Captain, Jeff Perkin's big day.

On Monday, Tom and I were not overly optimistic that the course would dry out for the weekend. However, Ryan and I decided to bite the bullet on Tuesday afternoon and start mowing. Luckily, by 4:30pm Friday, we were able to reflect on 3 days of continuous hard work.

We hope that the members can see the transformation in course presentation and we would like to think we can keep the course, weather permitting, in similar shape throughout the year.

Tees, surrounds, fairways and rough have all been cut. The greens are starting to look and putt better too. Additionally, the bunkers now look great! Well done to Phil Lockett (again!!) and also to Nick Fletcher for getting them finished off. Awesome stuff!!

Ryan and I have been buoyed by the fantastic assistance from some of our members in preparing the course this week. Our thanks go to Tom Frame, Len Dilnutt, Dave Asprey, Barry Barlow, Mike Hall, Jeff Perkin, Phil Lockett & Nick Fletcher. Brilliant work guys!! 

Finally, all that is left to say is that we hope, Mr Captain, you have a great day on Saturday and enjoy your year in office!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Bunker work

In preparation for both the new season and for Captain's Drive-In, we have been busy this week with some much needed attention to the course bunkering. 

Hopefully, you will be able to see the good progress that has been made with this renovation work. We aim to weed, edge, trim, re-level and rake every bunker  on the golf course. Much of our efforts this week have focused on the 2nd hole. The right hand green side bunker has had some new sand added to it. It might be a tad soft for a week or two but, in time, it will settle.

As usual, a few photos follow. Plus great thanks to Phil Lockett for helping me & Ryan to spruce up the big bunker on the 2nd hole! Good man Phil, you deserve a few beers this weekend!!