Friday, 24 October 2014

Winter project work

Following on from the members' open forum (where the greens committee presented the golf course masterplan and winter projects), I thought it a good idea to reiterate exactly what we shall be doing.

Starting Monday 17 November, Lakeland Earthworks will be on site for approximately 2 weeks to carry out a number of small projects.

This will include the following:

- Reshape greens surround at 2nd
- Reshape left green side bunker at 2nd 
- Rebuild 3rd white tee
- Create tee bank to right of 12th tee
- Remove small mound to left of 3rd approach
- Create new forward tee at 4th
- Reshape greens surround at 4th
- Create new bunker left of 4th green
- Remove mound behind 7th green
- Reshape greens surround behind 7th
- Create new forward tee at 8th

These are all coded on the golf course masterplan. Although they are not of utmost priority, they fit into the budget nicely and given a contractor had to build 2 new forward tees for the golf club at holes 4 & 8, it was considered a good idea to complete these small projects at the same time.

For your reference when looking at the golf course masterplan, they are as follows:

- 2-11P
- 2-11Q
- 2-11R
- 2-11S
- 3-12A
- 3-12B
- 3-12C
- 3-12F
- 4-13G
- 4-13H
- 4-13I
- 4-13S
- 4-13T
- 4-13V
- 8-17B

Hope this all makes sense!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your golf!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Arrival of Verti Drain

Great news this week - the golf club took delivery of an excellent used verti drain from Campey Turfcare, Macclesfield.

This means that the golf club no longer has to rely on outside contractors to perform this service. The machine can punch holes in the soil profile up to a depth of 10" (250mm). It operates on the same principles as a gardener would when forking over their soil borders. Very simple but extremely effective.

The benefits to the turf are increased rooting, improved air exchange, improved drainage capabilities and decompaction of heavy traffic areas on the golf course.

We are extremely thankful to the board of directors for sanctioning this acquisition and we intend to put it to good use immediately!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your golf!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Final topdressing of the season

This week, we have completed the final topdressing of the greens. It has been a light application with the aim of filling in the gaps from scarifying and solid tining.

Although sand creates an issue at this time of year with the heavy morning dew, it will help to restore fully the surface levels on the greens.

What we are hopeful of is that, heading into late autumn and winter, the greens will be nice and firm, standing up better to wear. The Anthracnose disease scars are now mainly healed over and we have had fantastic results from our greens overseeding.

In other news, we have been given some great help this week by Ray Barnes who has volunteered for 4 days this week clearing leaves on the golf course. Many thanks Ray. A job well done and we really appreciate it.

Finally, the Board sanctioned the purchase of a verti drain that will be delivered to us in the coming weeks. This will greatly improve our ability to decompact wear areas and improve the drainage characteristics of greens, tees and approaches.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your golf.