Friday, 19 December 2014

Course improvements - week 5

After much persistent rain (and it's not over yet!!), we managed to get some more turfing work done this week. The heavy rain of the previous week had shelved any plans for turfing.

Our objective was to finish the area left of the 2nd green, comprising the new bunker complex.

The above photo was taken about 3 weeks ago during the very early stages of reducing the size of this bunker and improving the contouring and maintenance around the left side of the 2nd green complex.

The photo above shows the very speedy progress that was made on Wednesday, thanks to some much appreciated volunteer assistance.

The photo above is of the guys just finishing off. Hopefully, you'll agree that the transformation is really good and demonstrates how positive the course improvements are. 

Once this turf has rooted in, we will revisit this bunker to shape the base, test the existing drainage, add bunker sand and re-edge the bunker. However, this area will appreciate a nice break for the time being to recover!!!

We also made a start on the new 4th greenside bunker complex this week. Although we won't be able to finish the turfing of this area or the 9th tee until the New Year (the turf company has closed for Christmas now!!), we anticipate finishing all of this work by the end of the first working week of January.

This should then give all of these re-turfed areas plenty of time to establish before the 2015 golf season.

Many thanks to Alan Cooper, Phil Lockett, Mike Hall (& his 2 lads) and Tom Frame for assisting with the turfing work this week.

Please have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and enjoy your golf!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Course improvements - week 3

This week, we have continued our turfing work. We have now exhausted the last of the turf that we were able to retain following the earthworks. 

That turf has been recycled (per se) in low priority areas (mainly tee surrounds) that will require very little future maintenance. However, we believed that this was still a worthwhile exercise because it reduces the financial cost to the golf club of having to purchase new turf.

Our progress, turfing wise, has been excellent and this is directly attributable to some sterling work from volunteer members. Take a bow (in no particular order) Alan Cooper, Mike Hall, Tom Frame and Nick Fletcher. Collectively, this week, the following areas have been completed:

- 8th forward tee
- 7th green surround
- 12th comp tee

These areas should, under favourable weather conditions, start to knit in within the next month or so. We will revisit all these areas soon to finish all the edging in, topdress out any surface irregularities and start rolling them to firm them up. 

The feedback so far has been very positive and we are pleased that the course alterations have been well received. It is our intention to finish the remainder of the turfing work within the next 2 weeks.

It is also our intention to get some more mowing done before Christmas if time and weather conditions permit.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your golf!