Friday, 15 January 2016

Frosts have arrived...but for how long??!!

Today (Friday), we had only our second frost of the winter. It has been a long time arriving and has halted (maybe temporarily!) a pretty miserable last 3 months.

Looking at the rainfall data, we have had nearly 17 inches of rain since October 2015. That is an extraordinary amount of rain and it is no wonder that the golf course is saturated in places. 

Considering entire cities, towns and villages have been flooded (and golf courses too - Lymm GC, Fairhaven GC and St Anne's Old Links GC are among those affected), our golf course has actually done ok! 

Given, some bunkers are puddled and some holes have had to be closed recently on safety grounds, but despite that, the greens are relatively fine. It is getting to them that is more problematic.

We recently completed the turfing of the 17th tee and it looks great. Already, the turf is rooting in well and it will be fine going into spring.

This week, we have completed the turfing of the 11th tee. It too looks fantastic and we wil give it chance to knit in now.

There are a few areas left to finish turfing but in the grand scheme of things, this work won't take that long. Our major obstacle in some of these areas has been accessing them due to extremely wet & boggy ground conditions. We will not beat nature at it's own game and patience will win out in the end.

Work will soon commence on some tree felling around holes 4 and 7. This is essential to open up the tee shot on the 4th and to re route the fairway in accordance with the golf course masterplan. The poplars that will be felled are not golf course trees and they create no end of hassle regarding maintenance and shot recovery.

Please bear with us whilst this work is in progress.

Have a great weekend!