Sunday, 17 July 2016

July - more like January!

This was the scene that greeted us last Tuesday morning following 1 inch of rain on Monday. We did wonder if any mowing would get done this week. It seems as though the last 9 months has been like living on Neptune!

Fast forward to Friday afternoon and it wasn't quite so bad!

We have been fortunate that the golf course has held up well to persistent raining late although, understandably, some competition play has required temporary clean and place rulings.

James progress is superb. He has been employed at the golf club for just over 1 year now and he works extremely hard, is enthusiastic and wants to progress.

His mowing stripes are pretty decent too!

The 5th bunker got a makeover the other week. We had intended to do this last winter but constant rain interrupted progress with course improvement projects and we just ran out of time. However, it is now a better shape and should provide better playability with some new sand.

The greens were verti drained a couple of weeks ago. This is something that as recommended in the agronomy report as part of the ongoing greens maintenance program. 

I made the decision based upon how much wet weather we had had over the spring & summer months. Punching holes in greens is not, contrary to what golfers might think, an enjoyable task. But then again, seeing greens with standing water on them after persistent rain is not a great sight either. 

A light granular fertiliser helped to restore the surface back to where we want then to be. Some semblance of summer (ie dry weather) might help us to get the speed up for members. I live in hope.

The one issue with the greens that is out of my control at the moment is birds pecking for leather jacket grubs. The insecticide that we used to spray to control them was removed from the market last year. Please click the link below for more info:

Remaining products on the market are as yet unproven and significantly more expensive so we will look into these products more in the coming weeks.

A heatwave is on the way next week. For how long, I have no idea. Long may it remain but I am sceptical to say the least.

Enjoy your golf and stay dry!